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Are you feeling STUCK

In your business recently and don't understand WHY?
If you are, you are not alone. I cannot tell you how many of my clients I have helped through this inevitable phase of growth. Here's how I guide my clients through it....

First we get practical, then we get personal 😌

Imagine if...

You had a simple, yet effective, 4 step process to help you embrace whatever is most present for you,

Extract the learnings, and translate the lessons into profitable wisdom on repeat. 

You knew exactly how to create ONE bulletproof signature offer & framework that positions you as the #1 go to expert in your field, producing incredible life changing results for your dream clients and created 5-6 figures worth of income a year & then doing that again with a second product and so on 

You felt unshakable confidence and self trust in your ability to skillfully scale your business, manage entrepreneurial ups and downs with with healthy personal and practical strategies & finally stabilize your business growth 

You had a crystal clear vision that allowed you to cut through industry noise, allowed you to only work in your zone of genius and become the magnet to fund your dream business

You knew exactly how to leverage your short-comings, turning your blind spots into 5-6 figure income opportunities

You Can Have it All

Once you learn....TO EMBRACE IT ALL!!!!

But at this point in your entrepreneurial journey, things are not as you had hoped for them to be...

When you don't have solid personal and practical strategies

 to help you feel safe, clear, confident and able to rise above entrepreneurial challenges you spend your time anxiously worrying instead of leading, creating, innovating and mastering entrepreneurial skills

When there isn't a simple and consistent income strategy

 in place to enroll high paying clients on repeat you spend your time throwing spaghetti on the wall, praying for results (& not getting any) leaving you in survival mode and instead of thriving

All the uncertainty and anxiety

about HOW you are growing your business triggers mental health symptoms that can lead to sabotage. 

this is me

Does This Sound Familiar?

If your negative emotions, sabotage or mental health challenges

get the best of you every time you want to move the needle forward in your business, you don’t get the opportunity to change lives like you dreamed of, possibly causing more pain, anguish, stress and depression. 

When you're unclear about how to differentiate yourself

in a flooded market place, you get lost in all of the noise and lose deal after deal, further delaying your ability to grow your mission, income and impact to the next level.

And here's what it looks like

Stress, anxiety & fear are running the show which is distracting you and stopping you from being able to perform the duties or tasks you must as the boss of your mission 

Your ideal client does not recognize you as the #1 go to expert in their industry so they continuously hire other experts instead of you causing frustration, self doubt and worst of all a loss of impact and income

You may be avoiding or sabotaging critical parts of your business growth like sales conversations and have led fear take over the sales process stopping you from serving the person you were born to serve and causing financial anxiety

You may be experiencing burn out and are having kitchen floor meltdowns because the strategies (including coping mechanisms) that once worked, don't work anymore or never worked at all 

Your confidence in your ability to grow your business or handle the responsibilities waivers and imposter syndrome sets in setting you further back than you initially were

You make emotional decisions in your business instead of data driven decisions, leaving the future of your business and your livelihood uncertain

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But it 


have to be this way

The healthy and stable business you desire?

It's 100% possible for you! because I am a living, breathing example of it!

 I use to struggle with extreme anxiety, self doubt, debilitating depression and PTSD. 

My understanding of entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a real business used to overwhelm, stress and burn me out.

That was until I figured out a healthy 4 step system that allowed me to turn my mental health challenges into my secret weapon, take excellent care of myself, be financially independent and BEST OF ALL, have the business of MY DREAMS!

With our simple 4 step Mental Super Health™️ Method: FEEL, HEAL, SERVE & SCALE- you can finally master & stabilize your businesses health and growth.

Our MSH Method has been repeatedly proven through a worldwide pandemic, constant social media algorithm changes and worked for countless entrepreneurs who have gone from 0 to $10-45k months in their dream business!

Discovering the magic behind my simple method, lead me to experience deep fulfillment, heal, feel more balanced health, real joy and peace in my life.

Ready to do things differently?

That's exactly why I've created my special method

FEEL your feelings. Instead of suppressing, avoiding or pushing away the inevitable and uncomfortable emotions and limiting beliefs of growing your own business, I teach you how to safely face those feelings head on so you can finally master yourself and become the boss of your mission (Take note: the only way out is THROUGH)

the  mental super health™️ method



HEAL those core fears by rewiring them & regulating your nervous system, making SAFETY your baseline for success & aligned action. We will teach you how to slowly but surely build your capacity to alchemize and handle any obstacles that rise during the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. This is where we build your Entrepreneurial resilience.  


SERVE your mission by creating custom high touch containers for your dream clients based on your unique gifts, personal life experience and zone of genius. Here we will develop your scable signature offering & framework that positions you as the #1 go to expert in your field, producing incredible life changing results for your dream clients and created 5-6 figures worth of income a year & then doing that again with a second product and so on 


SCALE your business by increasing the numbers of lives you change and by scaling your products. Here we LASER focus on the entrepreneurial skills and tasks that matter when it comes to growing your business revenue & managing new levels of income, impact and success. The world is waiting for your success!

And that's exactly 

what I'll help you implement inside my program.

this is for me

In this 12 week group program...

You will learn our simple
4-step framework 

that allows you to fast-track your mental health and work towards stabilizing your business revenue so you can keep creating meaningful impact in the world.


  • You are operating in peace, because financial stress isn’t on top of your list of problems.
  • You have deepen your relationship with yourself and feel more confidence in your self & your epic mission
  • Fulfillment, client wins, repeat high cash months and deep healing are your new normal 
  • Enjoying the little things in life that you’ve always wanted but you couldn’t make them happen
  • Being a healthy agent of change in the world rather than being held back by mental health challenges

What's Included

2x weekly live training + Hot seat coaching with tamar

Laser focused weekly modules teaching you the skills to scale and manage your business growth with msh

3 days a week of accountability & support on a private slack community

1 day virtual retreat immersion with tamar


Monthly expert guest coaches

custom offer & sales page audit by tamar

6 figure offer and marketing launch templates

hypnotherapy library for scaling entrepreneurs

money management templates & legal/business entity training

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Course Breakdown













learn our signature msh method: feel, heal, serve, scale + Scaling mindset

Business values, Mission & Legacy mapping

Define your dream client & master the customer journey

develop your signature framework + marketplace differentiation

optimize your sold out offer + buyers psychology

purposeful organic (online & offline) lead generation & conversion

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marketing master: conversion copywriting for social, sales pages, and email marketing

profitability, money management, and revenue stabilization

sales mastery: learn my 5 step $500K+ sales framework & enroll your dream clients on repeat

launch and sell your scalable signature offer

operations 101: develop, optimize, automate systems in your business

outsourcing 101: Hire your first or next a-team player

Only 8 spots available

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Exclusive Bonuses

3 months bonus of Mental Super Health Membership

The MSH Membership community is here to help you build entrepreneurial mental, emotional & financial resilience so you can finally become a confident, independent and profitable business owner you've always dreamt of being.

Custom Offer Audit by Tamar on Loom

Having an optimize and value stacked offer will either make or break your launch! You will receive a custom offer audit over loom by Tamar to ensure your offer will make a difference in the market and is priced correctly so you can easily attract your premium dream client.

Plug & play 6-figure launch templates

Take the guessing out of copy that converts with our plug in play templates! The templates you will receive have earned me repeatable 5-6 Figure launches and is worth the entire investment alone. 

Fast Action VIP

Upgrade to 1:1 VIP Coaching with Tamar

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Upgrade to 1:1 VIP and receive (3) 1:1 calls 
+ 3 months of Voxer for everyday questions with Tamar 

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I'm Your Guide

I’m Tamar, 2x CEO, Entrepreneur Business Mentor, Award-Winning Film Producer & the Founder of Mental Super Health™️ living in Santa Barbara, CA.

These are some examples of what you can achieve inside of this program!

🌈 Max the Spiritual Up-level Coach who had a 409% INCREASE IN REVENUE while working 1:1 with me in just 3 months

🌈 Max now feels more CONFIDENT IN SALES because he owns his VALUE and understands the TRANSFORMATION he’s providing others on deeper levels

🌈 Francesca is hitting $13k IN SALES by applying my repeatable PEACEFUL & PROFITABLE LAUNCH FRAMEWORK

🌈 Francesca is also SELLING OUT her new high ticket program and hitting a RECORD-SETTING month in her business

🌈 Ashleigh is hitting $46k IN SALES IN 6 WEEKS by raising her prices and owning that value 👏🏼

🌈 Ashleigh is also TRANSFORMING her relationship with money, energetics, mental health and boundaries and is ENJOYING HER LIFE more than ever
🌈 Tara Tripled her income in the first month of hiring us by raising her prices and owning that value 
🌈 Tara also created more income in just 2 days of her launch than her entire previous year's of income by applying our signature P&P Method

🌈Donnie embodied Mental Super Health, created his signature framework & made $24k bye enrolling just 1 of his dream clients


I’m equal parts Mental Health Champion and Business Adviser, helping entrepreneurs 3x their revenue and scale unshakable, profitable brands by putting their mental health first. I founded Awakened Muse Empowerment, CORP in 2019. 

According to UC Berkeley, 72% of Entrepreneurs will struggle with Mental Health conditions.

AME’s mission is to educate, uplift and provide expert business consulting to the 72% of Entrepreneurs who are challenged daily by mental health obstacles

and help them embody their mental health as their SUPER POWER so they can make the healthiest contribution to society as they grow their businesses & serve their dream clients.

In 2021, I founded Mental Super Health™️, a simple 4 step Method: FEEL, HEAL, SERVE & SCALE enabling Entrepreneurs to finally master themselves & stabilize the health and growth of their business. The MSH method has been proven through a worldwide pandemic and has worked for over 100 entrepreneurs who have gone from 0 to $10-45k months in their dream business.

Prior to founding AME, I was an award-winning producer with 11 years of line producing experience in the film & television industry. 

 I am an intuitive producer, turning out a number of short films, national campaigns, and a feature film distributed by Sony in 2018, featuring Emmy-Awarded talent.

In the studio world, I worked with powerhouse companies such as Warner Brothers, Universal, Lionsgate, NBC, and produced a feature with Millenium. As a commercial producer, I worked with top brands and agencies such as Google, Neutrogena, Biore, Budweiser, Digitas, and 360i delivering first-rate, successful content.

My focus has now shifted towards taking the 14 years of professional experience I gained in the film industry and as business owner, and applying that knowledge to supporting other talented and passionate business owners everywhere.

These results are possible for YOU too!

A lot of our work in our initial program was helping me continue my mental health recovery, but also helped me start to build offers that resonated with me as a leader and who I who I am and how I wanted to show up. I didn't hear people talking about in the coaching market. And so you've really helped me think differently about my suite of products and how they play into my vision for having a business school. 

"You've really helped me think differently...."

Donnie Hill

One of the hugest transformations that you helped me with was starting to see sales as a service. We're not trying to force everyone in the world to get into this offer. We're not trying to bamboozle anyone into getting something that's not right for them, but it’s about getting super clear on who my dream client is.

"One of the hugest transformations...."

Francesca Loux

I had a lot of quantum leaps in my life. Because I had you there. I had this coach who was seeing me, understanding me, meeting me where I was at, and guiding me through the haze. The haze which we talked about was heavy and dark energy. And I did not have to face that alone.

" I had this coach who was seeing me."


Working with Tamar has transformed my life! She is a bad ass entrepreneur AND strong heart centered intuitive woman. Her vision is clear and has supported me in cutting through my limitations and supporting me in creating a foundation for my business to support my mental health healing as well as my financial sovereignty. She has supported and believed In me every step of the day! I have such a deep gratitude for this soul sister so blessed to know her co - create with her in her powerful containers.

"Working with Tamar has transformed my life!"

nat woeppel

Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. Therefore, bringing us together to heal our mental illness, body + soulful business is the ultimate plan for success! Having a group of beings to mirror one another is just another beautiful way of community, + pair that with Tamar's business expertise to keep us in line! I would recommend this to so many others.

"Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. "

dan arhakos

Working with Tamar has been transformational for me and my business. I’ve learned how to put my own health and healing first and step into the embodiment of an abundant business babe! Building a business that supports me in my healing and allows for those times where I need to step back and turn inwards. Thank you Tamar!

"Working with Tamar has been transformational for me "

avery messina

I've been able to overcome so much deep scarcity and fear programming which was initially setting me back from being grounded and embodied with abundance and wellness around my life and business. I find myself fully trusting my process, my timelines, my healing, confidence and overall skills. There were so many things I worked through mentally and energetically that I know has set me up for my life-long legacy in my personal and professional life. Since working with Tamar, I was able to shift into more supportive work environments that have helped me thrive and has given me the spaciousness and confidence to balance all areas of life, business, wellbeing, and a more supportive income.

"I feel like my mental health and overall energy has been thriving"


This IS 


For you if you are...

For you if you are...

A driven Entrepreneur, Coach, Creator, Online service Provider w/ a mental health support system in place and is ready to scale & stabilize their business revenue

The Entrepreneur who already has a offer that’s selling but not as consistently as they’d like

The Entrepreneur still making under $10k months who wants to learn money management, financial literacy & understand profitability 

A High achieving entrepreneur committed to healing and being of service, ready to do things differently to get the results they desire

A super coachable client ready to listen, implement and create their dream business because they value results over excuses

Someone without Mental Health Support System or a business
Someone who struggles to market & sell their services online or is just getting started

Someone who is not coachable and quits before they see results or thinks they know better

Someone who has not generated sales in their business before this program

Someone who isn't going to show up 100% to the results they desire 


Tara 3x her income


Ashleigh's $46k in 8 weeks 


Francesca's $13k in 4 weeks


Hear what our clients have to say!

Donnie's Mental Super Health 


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private business intensive

Our signature 90 minute intensive is a laser focused, life changing sessions that help you collapse the time between thought and action. Receive a one-to-one session where you and Tamar will find biggest gap in your marketing and sales strategy that are leaving 5-6 figures of profit a month on the table. 

private 1:1 mentorship

Over 6 months, work with Tamar over 12 ‘choose your own adventure’ sessions including: Beginning & scalable business building, leveraging additional income streams with strategic online marketing, increasing ROI & profitability, scaling operations and monetizing social media.

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