“You see my light because I met myself in the dark again and  again.”

It’s easy to scroll through social media and make a judgment about how great my life and business look. But what you don’t see beyond the pixels on your screen was that that very same girl was once flailing around, striving and fighting for success, and neglecting her humanity along the way.


I went through an early childhood trauma - even before I had the words to describe and make sense of what was happening to me. But when I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2017 after a brain injury, I saw the ways in which I would reflect that trauma in my own work and start AME in 2019.

Prior to that, I was a young, successful, and decorated producer in Hollywood for 11 years, working with big-league players from Universal to Lionsgate. I fought tooth and nail to climb up the ladder and establish myself as a trustworthy and determined young producer.

While huge companies, infamous directors, and household name celebrities trusted me, something deep was missing.  I discovered my success was built at the cost of me.

My Story

They’re leading teams, making life-altering decisions, and getting their hands on more money than they know what to do with. What they’re not realizing is that the cost of not facing their trauma, healing themselves, and developing Mental Super Health is the difference between reaching the top 1% of their industry and losing it all.

It wasn’t until I did the hard work, healed myself from decades-old trauma, and truly honored my humanity through Mental Super Health that I was able to create businesses that changed lives, lifted my clients, and brought in steadily increasing revenue in less than half the time it takes many new business owners.

My Story isn’t Unique. 

Let me tell you this…

Many high-achieving and impact-driven entrepreneurs are functioning out of fear. 

It takes courage 

to be happy 

Mental Super Health tackles both personal and practical gaps in every department of your life and business

so you no longer leave money on the table in all your endeavors. 

Developing Mental Super Health is Work that Takes Courage.

  • Buy your time back
  • Increase your mental bandwidth allowing for clearer thoughts
  • Expand your quality of life so you can fully enjoy and embody every single aspect of your livelihood.

It is the key to making powerful decisions that yield game-changing results in less time than you thought possible so you can…

  • Trusting yourself implicitly vs. making fearful decisions
  • Hiring A team players vs. someone who isn’t a right fit
  • Operating in resistance mode vs. composing yourself from the highest state of consciousness

It is the difference between…

Being a Dream Driven Artist

Mental Super

Mental Super Health

We have done for you & done with you consulting services to get you there.

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Over 6 months, work with Tamar over 12 ‘choose your own adventure’ sessions including: Beginning & scalable business building, leveraging additional income streams with strategic online marketing, increasing ROI & profitability, scaling operations and monetizing social media.

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