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 I have broken free of old habits, developed tools for continual self-healing, and started to live my dream. Working with Tamar has been, hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself... Tamar is a powerful leader, a magical mystic, a bad-ass businesswoman and an EXPERT COACH. With her in your corner, all you can do is WIN.

"With her in your corner, all you can do is WIN."


Working with Tamar has transformed my life! She is a bad ass entrepreneur AND strong heart centered intuitive woman. Her vision is clear and has supported me in cutting through my limitations and supporting me in creating a foundation for my business to support my mental health healing as well as my financial sovereignty. She has supported and believed In me every step of the day! I have such a deep gratitude for this soul sister so blessed to know her co - create with her in her powerful containers.

"Working with Tamar has transformed my life!"

nat woeppel

Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. Therefore, bringing us together to heal our mental illness, body + soulful business is the ultimate plan for success! Having a group of beings to mirror one another is just another beautiful way of community, + pair that with Tamar's business expertise to keep us in line! I would recommend this to so many others.

"Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. "

dan arhakos

Working with Tamar has been transformational for me and my business. I’ve learned how to put my own health and healing first and step into the embodiment of an abundant business babe! Building a business that supports me in my healing and allows for those times where I need to step back and turn inwards. Thank you Tamar!

"Working with Tamar has been transformational for me "

avery messina


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Hear what our clients have to say!

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Our signature 90 minute intensive is a laser focused, life changing sessions that help you collapse the time between thought and action. Receive a one-to-one session where you and Tamar will find biggest gap in your marketing and sales strategy that are leaving 5-6 figures of profit a month on the table. 

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Over 6 months, work with Tamar over 12 ‘choose your own adventure’ sessions including: Beginning & scalable business building, leveraging additional income streams with strategic online marketing, increasing ROI & profitability, scaling operations and monetizing social media.

pay in full

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