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my signature methodology is

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it’s a game-changer for ceos. CEOs who don’t have it will simply underperform. Those that do, will perform at WORLD CLASS LEVELS








Want to stop sabotaging your impact and desire?

and I’ve created the Mental Super Health Method so high-achieving, courageous, and world-changing Millennial CEOs can fill the mental, emotional, somatic, behavioral, and spiritual gaps in their lives in order to reach the top 1% of their industry, magnetize profits in less time imaginable, and live rich fulfilling lives.

I’m Tamar Sasson

business mentor & Mental Health Champion

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  • Embody high performance and scale your online business with high-ticket sales, and create a health-first lifestyle for yourself.
  • Establish safety stepping deeper into your mission and executing your vision so that you can make the impact you deeply desire.
  • My repeatable $20K+ per month income strategy that will allow you to hire your very own A-TEAM, fund your dream lifestyle and gain more freedom of time to be with you friends & family


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Magnetic Sales Masterclass

  • The #1 Strategy to magnetize dream clients and create repeatable 5-figure days
  • Discover how you can avoid the mistake 98% are making that's keeping them stuck small, costing them their mental peace and profits.
  • Learn the 5-figure day closer's mindset to quantum leap your business and create a repeatable income stream with ease.


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One of the hugest transformations that you helped me with was starting to see sales as a service. We're not trying to force everyone in the world to get into this offer. We're not trying to bamboozle anyone into getting something that's not right for them, but it’s about getting super clear on who my dream client is. 

"One of the hugest transformations..."

Francesca Loux

A lot of our work in our initial program was helping me continue my mental health recovery, but also helped me start to build offers that resonated with me as a leader and who I who I am and how I wanted to show up. I didn't hear people talking about in the coaching market. And so you've really helped me think differently about my suite of products and how they play into my vision for having a business school.

"you've really helped me think differently...."

Donnie Hill

I had a lot of quantum leaps in my life. Because I had you there.I had this coach who was seeing me, understanding me, meeting me where I was at, and guiding me through the haz. The haze which we talked about was heavy and dark energy. And I did not have to face that alone. 

"I had a lot of quantum leaps...."

Amanda Spiller


What Mental Super Health Can Do For You


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helping you build a healthier window of tolerance, honor your humanity and master mental super health to become a top 1% in your industry

Mental Superhealth

Magnetic Mental Wealth Mastermind

A Mastermind for Millennial CEOs who want to progress, profit, and prevail at the world-class level so they can reach the top 1% of their industry with ease

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Get my repeatable $20K+ per month income strategy that will allow you to hire your very own A-TEAM, fund your dream lifestyle and gain more freedom of time to be with you friends & family.

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