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Learn my simple 4 step Mental Super Health Method™️ to scale your  business to new healthy & profitable heights. Our MSH Method has been repeatedly proven through a world wide pandemic, constant social media algorithm changes and worked for Entrepreneurs who have gone from 0 to $10-45k months in their dream business!








Building a startup, need to get customers and scale revenue?

and I’ve created the Mental Super Health™️ Method so high-achieving, courageous, and world-changing Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs can fill the practical and personal gaps that stop them from magnetizing profits in less time imaginable, and living healthy,  fulfilling lives.

I’m Tamar Sasson

business mentor & Mental Health Champion

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Scaling Superclass

  • Ignite high mental performance and unapologetically scale your  business with high-ticket sales.
  • Establish safety stepping deeper into your mission & increase visibility so you can make the impact you deeply desire & stress less. 
  • Unlock my repeatable $20K+ per month income strategy that will allow you to hire your A-TEAM, scale your operations & fund your dream lifestyle.


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Magnetic Sales Masterclass

  • The #1 Strategy to magnetize dream clients and create repeatable 5-figure days
  • Discover how you can avoid the mistake 98% are making that's keeping them stuck small, costing them their mental peace and profits.
  • Learn the 5-figure day closer's mindset to quantum leap your business and create a repeatable income stream with ease.

reach $10K revenue DAYS

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I can not appropriately express how happy I am that I chose this and that I did this for myself because it really is changing my business. It's changing my mental health and it's changing the way I view myself and the world and I am just so, so happy. I tripled my income in 2 months  of working with you,  thank you Tamar! 

"I tripled my income in 2 months"

tara harbert

I am so thankful for you! I really appreciate all the support you've give me. You're an amazing coach, and I really value all of the encouragement and insight you provide. This launch of mine was successful AF, and I own a lot of that to you! 

"One of the hugest transformations..."

Francesca Loux

The one single shift that really pivoted it all for me was when you said, "Donnie, I need you to take care of your mental health first." It gave me permission to embrace all of my humanity and my imperfection. And so because of that, I could then make space for my business to be imperfect. And the process of building my business to be imperfect. And it just allowed other people to connect with me in another level and my revenue grew accordingly. 

"One single shift pivoted it all for me."

Donnie Hill
CEO of life maximizer

Working with Tamar has changed my life. Her 1 on 1 program has immersed me completely in the language of my soul. I have broken free of old habits, developed tools for continual self-healing, and started to hone my calling. This program has been, hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself.

"hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself."

Amanda Spiller

After working with Tamar, I feel like my mental health and overall energy has been thriving and fully embodied! I've been able to overcome so much deep scarcity and fear programming which was initially setting me back from being grounded and embodied with abundance and wellness around my life and business.

"I feel like my mental health and overall energy has been thriving"



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Mental Super Health

private 1:1 MENTORSHIP 

Ready for high touch consulting and mentorship? Work with Tamar over 12 customized sessions including: beginning & scalable business building, creating additional income streams with strategic online marketing & increasing profitability.

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mental super health 

Join our signature group program to learn our simple 4 step Mental Super Health Method™️ to grow your business to new healthy & profitable heights in 90 days! 

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The MSH Membership community is here to help you build entrepreneurial mental, emotional & financial resilience so you can finally become a confident, independent and profitable business owner you've always dreamt of being.


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Ready to push fears out of your path and become a fearless mental health first leader?

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Get my repeatable $20K+ per month income strategy that will allow you to hire your very own A-TEAM, fund your dream lifestyle and gain more freedom of time to be with you friends & family.

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Scaling Superclass

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private business intensive

Our signature 90 minute intensive is a laser focused, life changing sessions that help you collapse the time between thought and action. Receive a one-to-one session where you and Tamar will find biggest gap in your marketing and sales strategy that are leaving 5-6 figures of profit a month on the table. 

private 1:1 mentorship

Over 6 months, work with Tamar over 12 ‘choose your own adventure’ sessions including: Beginning & scalable business building, leveraging additional income streams with strategic online marketing, increasing ROI & profitability, scaling operations and monetizing social media.

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Mental Super Health Mastermind


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