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At Awakened Muse, our approach to filmmaking goes beyond making great films.

We choose stories that have the power to expand consciousness, inspire action, and create change.

We choose to spread awareness about the shadow aspects of society, focusing on people that are

unseen, on heroes that are rarely celebrated, on those make it their business to lift people up.

Before we can move someone, we have to be be moved. If that resonates, let us know.

We’d love to hear your story.

w a t c h o u r F I L M S

Love is Never Wasted


"Love is Never Wasted" is part 3 in the Removed series of short films living within the world of foster care system. The film follows the story of a little boy who is taken from his Mom and placed with a foster family. The boy, caught between the love of two mothers, is forced to learn how to move forward.

"A masterpiece."

"Gut-wrenchingly familiar."

"Heartbreaking in so many ways, yet so full of hope."


  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival

  • Toronto Shorts International Film Festival

  • Cleveland International Film Festival

  • Child Welfare Film Festival

  • Bali International Short Film Festival

Winner of “Best Foreign Film”, won March 2019

Winner of “Best Foreign Film”, won March 2019

Winner of “Best Narrative Film, won in May 2019

Winner of “Best Narrative Film, won in May 2019


This is How We Liv


Meet Shirin Germai - Iran's first female Ironman Triathlete. Shirin persevered during political turmoil to lead the way for a new generation of female athletes in Iran. Meet Shirin:https://www.liv-cycling.com/global/campaigns/we-empower-change-meet-shirin-gerami/22656

Directed by Benjamin Roy, Produced by Venture Visuals


Do you remember?


Benjamin (Creative Director) and Adam Warmington (Director) collaborated on this piece for First Place for Youth, an organization aimed at helping foster youth transition to adulthood. It was made possible by a generous grant from Super Bowl 50.

18 is a defining moment in everyone’s life, but for foster youth who are too young to be on their own—it’s monumental. With the right guidance and support, they can defy the odds stacked against them. And ultimately, reverse the cycle of poverty and write a new, brighter economic future.

Check out First Place for Youth's new campaign to learn how some of your favorite celebrities got through this bumpy transition to adulthood, and why they're committed to helping foster youth do the same. Visit http://firstplaceforyouth.org to learn more and donate.


There are no Goodbye's


NO PLACE TO FALL is a film about the sacrifices our soldiers and families make for our freedom. It a poetic story with a very human sentiment. The film shows the struggle of a couple trying to deal with a complicated issue that lurks within the subtext of their conversation even as they try to enjoy the last moments before they have to say goodbye.





Created & Directed by Tamar Sasson, Awakened Muse is on a mission to tell stories of how people have turned their deepest suffering into their MISSION. The first installment of this movement will be a mini-series released on Patreon. Patreon is a fan based platform that allows fans to pay content creators for the work they love. Think of it like a tip jar.

10% of all donations go to the charities of choice of our real-life guests.

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