your message is your power

At Awakened Muse, we know the power of your vision and we empower you to

win by clarifying and creating content from this frequency. Let our team of storytellers

and creative directors lead you through powerful work that will set your brand apart.

When you get clear on HOW you want to serve and WHAT message you get

to share with the world, you are set UP TO CREATE MAGIC.

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Tamar offer’s three packages:

Awake, Awaken and Awakened depending where the Brand is in their life span.

Please e-mail Tamar for package breakdown



Hi, I’m Tamar

Nothing brings me more joy than facilitating brands in getting clear on their vision and messaging!

For the past 11 years, I have mastered the art of visual storytelling through filmmaking and am now offering those powerful, effective cinematic insights to brands through Brand Vision Consulting.

It is so rewarding to facilitate the shifts a brand needs to break through & OWN their HIGHEST EXCITEMENT.



“Tamar is an incredibly honest and genuine business leader and pioneer in her field.”

"There are so many people out there pushing products, dangling carrots, and not providing much honesty and direction that can be truly helpful. Tamar is an incredibly honest and genuine business leader and pioneer in her field. She has an amazing capacity to see into your soul and provide you with direction and vision that will help you get to the root of where you want to go in your brand. With the capacity to take storytelling to a whole new level, she is the type of woman who wants to see everyone around her succeed and she sets you up to win with valuable tools, latest branding trends, and creative strategy! I HIGHLY recommend Tamar as not only an incredible Director but also as a Brand Strategist!"

Brand: Skye Grace (Personal Brand)

testimonial (2).png

Tamar is an incredible powerhouse— focused, intuitive, and SUCH a boss.

Working with her, I’ve been able to hone in on the next steps and the bigger picture for my brand and my business. My 1:1 call with her was packed with more content than we could go over, and I am going to be able to get more and more out of the guide that she gave me for at LEAST a year. Tamar is able to put a mirror up to you and your business, working with you on a personal and professional level to clear blocks that are keeping you and your business from greatness. She can see your blind spots and has amazingly creative solutions for any problem. Tamar is an insider with a deep desire to help serve her clients, and get the message that is on their hearts OUT THERE! Work with Tamar and you will level up your business to heights you could not imagine in your wildest dreams."
Brand: Becca Caccavo (Personal Brand)

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Tamar is the professional support you want in your corner to get your creative hustle on!

She compassionately cuts to the chase and helps you reveal what is important and raw to your brand. She's very perceptive and helps you reveal the gems that just need a bit of polishing. She has and is helping me get to the bare bones of what I envision my brand and business to be. Tamar is helping step up my game and trust that the gifts I have to offer this world are worth the sharing.

Brand: BODY, MIND, SPEAK by Ariel Rubin (Personal Brand)


“Tamar has the unique ability to hone in on the small, practical details, while never losing sight of the big picture within she's working”

“Tamar is a passionate and talented producer, director, and individual. She has the unique ability to hone in on the small, practical details, while never losing sight of the big picture within she's working. I've had the pleasure to work on productions with her, as well as work on some brand writing for her, and she imbues challenging situations with a sense of fun, camaraderie, and professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, hard-working producer who will go above and beyond to ensure that your vision is brought to life.”

-Colleen Conroy (Writer, Producer)