Conscious Consumerism & why it matter's NOW




As we stand upon the world’s shoulders, marveling in its breathtaking beauty and dancing upon its earth, indulging in the elements it has to offer and gathering resources essential to our survival, we are returning to the realization that this planet is not invincible.

That since the rise of capitalism, it matters where our money is spent. How the consumer’s dollar speaks and shapes trends that have larger effects on bigger scales.

There’s empowerment here. It’s the ability to change the landscape of the market for the better and the overwhelming majority of people see this and want to help. The movement is undeniable. The ‘Let-Me-Be-A-Part-Of-Something-Bigger’ mentality is racing through the nation’s bloodstream and this unspoken mantra seems to be underlying the public’s everyday actions and buying habits, creating conscious consumerism. 

The term conscious consumer is a fairly new one but Americans already have no problem self-identifying themselves as one (88% well, 37% very well) whether that be socially, environmentally or health conscious; and the number is only growing amongst younger generations.

This way of thinking is taking flight. The more information and knowledge we have accessible to us in our buzzing back pockets or palms of our holster-like hands, the more we understand what products are safer, healthier and more eco-friendly (I mean, who doesn’t like rain-forests, might as well have them stick around for a few more thousand years, right?). And this knowledge doesn’t go to waste, a 2015 Cone Communications Study says, “85% of Americans would switch brands to one associated with a cause” influencing businesses to adapt to these swings and make changes accordingly.

Consumers treasure transparency, and are expecting unique approaches and different standards from businesses conveying their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) efforts.

Awakened Muse Productions is focused on helping conscious brands reach global impact through cinematic storytelling as well as helping the conscious consumer by highlighting companies who are changing paradigms about how business is done and are sustainable in their practices or products.

With the power of story and creative effective content, Awakened Muse is assisting these next level companies.

Join the conscious movement, and choose conscious content today. 

Written by Andrew Borger