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What if you could

Transform your quality of life and gain financial freedom?

You can have it all - The time & space you need to recover yourself, the income you need to experience true peace & joy, and the impact you want to create to make the world a better place.


Things are not as you had hoped they would be

When you don't have a consistent income strategy

You spend your time worrying about where your next client or revenue in the bank is gonna come from, instead of recovering in peace and creating impact.

And here's what that looks like

Mental Super Health

ends up being on the back burner more often then you’d like b/c your focus is on the business and not on your well being

Inconsistent Income Months

are causing additional and avoidable stress causing regression in your recovery

Constant Overwhelm

when trying to go big - Anytime you try to go to the next level, you get overwhelmed and find yourself 2 steps behind where you actually were.

Mental Health Triggers

come up, they get in the way of everything including your progress and focus towards growing your dream business and serving your dream clients

Spending the majority of your time

working IN the business instead of ON the business


But it 


have to be this way

The healthy and balanced life you desire?

It's 100% possible for you! because I am a living, breathing example of it!

I used to struggle with extreme anxiety, overwhelming thoughts & fears, debilitating depression and PTSD.

My understanding of launching and what it takes to run a real coaching business online used to overwhelm, stress and burn me out.

That was until I figured out a healthy system that allowed me to take care of myself and be financially independent + have the business of my dreams.

This lead me to experience deep fulfillment, more joy and peace in my life.

3 Misconceptions

About Creating $10K or Higher Launches

Misconception #1

Misconception #2

Misconception #3

As a mentally injured Entrepreneur, creating a 6 figure business is not possible for you

You need to have your course/program created before you start selling

Launches are stressful and you need to invest thousands of dollars to make one happen


Ready to do things differently?

That's exactly why I've created my special framework

the 5 figure peaceful & profitable launch framework

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Creating your peace & profit plan

Graceful pre-enrollment

Serve with self care

Develop a personal self care plan and clarify how many lives you want to change during your launch. Implement your self care as a non-negotiable while your serve others and watch your clients pour in.

Launch your offer privately for a couple weeks before it goes public & start to enroll your dream clients before the launch goes public.

Serve your clients with peace and your self-care at the forefront, so you can show up powerfully and wholeheartedly while in service.

And that's exactly 

what I'll help you implement inside this course

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In this Course...

You will learn how to have a repeatable 5-figure launch framework

That allows you to fast-track your mental recovery and work towards creating meaningful impact in the world. Think...

  • Recovering in peace, because financial stress isn’t on top of your list of problems.
  • Enjoying the little things in life that you’ve always wanted but you couldn’t make them happen,
  • Being an agent of change in the world rather than being judged 24x7 for your mental injuries,

What's Included

8 video modules

lifetime access to this course




Wealth and Worthiness Hypnosis by Hypnotherapist Kate Bandman 

Optimize Your Sold Out Offer - 90 Minute Bonus Workshop

4 Types of Content that Position you as an expert Training

3 part Kundalini Practice for Prosperity
Emotional Mastery Workshop for stress, fear and anxiety relief

Course Breakdown


Peaceful & Profitable Launch Framework


Dream Client Persona & Peaceful & Profitable Offers


Pricing your Sold Out Offer & Conversion Event Training


Lead Generation & Marketing on Social


Magnetic sales mindset & Peaceful and profitable 5 step sales framework


Handling Objections & Closing High-Ticket Sales

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Embodied Confidence (The key to a successful launch)


Post Launch Analysis

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VIP Upgrades

30 Minute Custom Launch Call with Tamar

Book a Private 1:1 Call with Tamar to customize your launch plan, ensuring that your strategy feels aligned and that your self care plan is in place to set you up for success.

Custom Offer Audit by Tamar on Loom

Having an optimize and value stacked offer will either make or break your launch! You will receive a custom offer audit over loom by Tamar to ensure your offer will make a difference in the market and is priced correctly so you can easily attract your premium dream client.


I'm Your Coach, Tamar

i help Millennial CEOs reach the top 1% of their industry with confidence, ease, and doubt-free leadership through the mastery of Mental Super Health.

Some of the top business highlights I helped create since becoming a business owner in 2018 are:

Created 2 six figure business in 2 years in 2 different industries

Helped my clients go from $5k months to $30k months in 4 months 

Hit $200k in Revenue in 1.5 years during a world wide pandemic

Helped 30+ woman with mental health recovery start & scale their business 

Healed myself from Debilitating PTSD and depression in 2017



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A lot of our work in our initial program was helping me continue my mental health recovery, but also helped me start to build offers that resonated with me as a leader and who I who I am and how I wanted to show up. I didn't hear people talking about in the coaching market. And so you've really helped me think differently about my suite of products and how they play into my vision for having a business school. 

"You've really helped me think differently...."

Donnie Hill

One of the hugest transformations that you helped me with was starting to see sales as a service. We're not trying to force everyone in the world to get into this offer. We're not trying to bamboozle anyone into getting something that's not right for them, but it’s about getting super clear on who my dream client is.

"One of the hugest transformations...."

Francesca Loux

I had a lot of quantum leaps in my life. Because I had you there. I had this coach who was seeing me, understanding me, meeting me where I was at, and guiding me through the haze. The haze which we talked about was heavy and dark energy. And I did not have to face that alone.

" I had this coach who was seeing me."


Working with Tamar has transformed my life! She is a bad ass entrepreneur AND strong heart centered intuitive woman. Her vision is clear and has supported me in cutting through my limitations and supporting me in creating a foundation for my business to support my mental health healing as well as my financial sovereignty. She has supported and believed In me every step of the day! I have such a deep gratitude for this soul sister so blessed to know her co - create with her in her powerful containers.

"Working with Tamar has transformed my life!"

nat woeppel

Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. Therefore, bringing us together to heal our mental illness, body + soulful business is the ultimate plan for success! Having a group of beings to mirror one another is just another beautiful way of community, + pair that with Tamar's business expertise to keep us in line! I would recommend this to so many others.

"Tamar allows for us to self realize what it is we truly desire from this lifetime. "

dan arhakos

Working with Tamar has been transformational for me and my business. I’ve learned how to put my own health and healing first and step into the embodiment of an abundant business babe! Building a business that supports me in my healing and allows for those times where I need to step back and turn inwards. Thank you Tamar!

"Working with Tamar has been transformational for me "

avery messina

This IS 


For you if you are...

For you if you are...

A Motivated Entrepreneur w/ Mental Health recovery ready to scale their business

The Entrepreneur who already has a program or offer that’s selling but not as consistently or profitably as they’d like

The Entrepreneur still making under $10k months in their business

A High achieving entrepreneur ready to do things differently to get the results they desire

A Super Coachable entrepreneur ready to listen, implement and create their dream business because they value results over excuses

For someone without Mental Health Recovery or Mental Health Recovery Support System

Someone who struggles to market & sell their services online or is just getting started

Someone who is not coachable and quits before they see results or thinks they know better.

Someone who has not generated sales in their business before this program

Someone who isn't going to show up 100% to the results they desire 








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